Monday, January 14, 2008

Zéphyros Winds perform at Merkin Concert Hall • Tuesday, 19 Feb, 2:00 p.m.

This program is part of Merkin's theme this season - RE:invention. Each piece reinvents source material into a new musical guise. For this program Zéphyros will be joined by guest artist Richard Faria, bass clarinet for Janáček's Mládí. Click here for tickets.

Reinventing . . . ancient music. Darius Milhaud La Cheminée du Roi René

Milhaud created a film score by taking music from the Troubadours and placing it in a mid-century Parisian sensibility.

Reinventing . . . mythology. Benjamin Britten Pan & Claude Debussy Syrinx

Both Debussy and Britten reinvent the idea of story-telling in their monodic settings of Ovid's myth of changing forms.

Reinventing . . . folk music. Endre Szervánszky Fúvósötös

In response to strict Communist party musical strictures, Szervánszky reinvents Hungarian folk music, usually associated with the violin, for winds, as part of the movement for musical nationalism.

Reinventing . . . ones own music. György Ligeti Six Bagatelles

Ligeti first conceived the music which became this miniature masterpiece for winds, as music for solo piano, and some of it even began earlier as music for piano four-hands.

Reinventing . . . ones self. Leoš Janáček Mládí

At the end of his life, the great Czech composer writes a work entitled, "Youth"!

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