Monday, August 13, 2007

The Silent Instrument IV — Koans, Comments, and Cairns — Rehearsing Mozart with Louis Langrée

Louis Langrée is back and today we rehearsed for Mark Morris’ “Mozart Dances” which opens Wednesday and runs through Saturday. Here are some rehearsal highlights.

• He asked that we all try to see part of the dress rehearsal, “the dance is so musical, so natural, that it becomes mysterious.”

• From the principal oboist (the wonderful Randall Ellis) he asked for “more density in the line.”

• “Transpose and transport the musical richness to the rest of the phrase.”

• “It's hard to know what to say about the dissonances in this passage. Be aware of them, and it will sound different. Play with the dissonance.”

• “Let there always be direction in the phrase, and then when we arrive . . . beauty, elegance.”

• To the woodwinds, “play without vibrato but with vibrancy!”

• “It is sometimes more important, the journey than the arrival there.”

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