Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mozart Dances

A remarkable scene today, Emanuel Ax being coached on a Mozart cadenza by choreographer, Mark Morris. The men clearly enjoy working together. Mark began by asking for "more air" between the notes to add space to the tempo. He then began moving with Manny's playing and it became a duet, chamber music really. The musical interaction was natural and eloquent. A gesture from Mark would reveal new characters in the music. Space opened between notes and in that space new meanings emerged.

When Mark hears music, it is with a theatrical sensibility that would benefit musicians. Especially in Mozart, whose operas seem to seep into his instrumental works, there is always the possibility for surprise: a new person enters the room, a mood suddenly shifts, a memory, a motivation.

When giving notes to his dancers, Mark asked them to "talk to each other." Of course this reminded me of some of Louis' first rehearsals this season: reaction, surprise, and dialogue!

Try to see one of the shows this week. We open tomorrow. Now I'd better run back. The dress rehearsal is at 3:00

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