Thursday, August 30, 2007

Niv Ocean Shank, photographer

Niv is a photographer who lives in my neighborhood and works in fashion as well as fine art photography. Born in Israel, his career took root in Italy. One day I asked if his images were on line. I hadn't seriously collected photographs, though I do have a several beautiful ones by Bell Soto that he gave me. Niv told me the URL of his Italian manager, and I fell in love with one image in particular. When I saw him next, I told him there was one I thought I wanted. "I know which one you like, it's the 'Boys in the Field,'" he said. I didn't know the title, but I knew the one he meant. It's a work of such youthful abandon, hope, and contentment, I couldn't resist. Niv made me a 24 x 36 print. Here it is.

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