Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Helicon Foundation's 23rd Season
Symposium LXXXV - 10 February 2008
“The Mysterious World of Heinrich Biber
Baroque Virtuoso Violin Music

Colin Jacobsen, violin
Robert Wolinsky, harpsichord & organ
Myron Lutzke, ’cello
Sonatas and Solos for Violin by Heinrich Biber

Heinrich Biber (1644-1704) was one of the great violin virtuosos of his day and a composer with a deeply personal language. The works on this program inhabit both the virtuosic and numinous worlds of his music. Listening to Biber, I am reminded of the marvelous Duccio “Madonna and Child” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The front edge of its frame is charred in two places by candles, because this work of great artistic sophistication was used to enhance personal devotion. Likewise, Biber’s music places extraordinary demands on performers, yet seems aimed not at public display, but rather, the intensely personal work of faith and spiritual understanding. We are pleased to welcome virtuoso violinist, Colin Jacobsen, back to Helicon to perform this remarkable music with the formidable continuo team of Myron Lutzke and Robert Wolinsky.

The Helicon Foundation
James Roe, Artistic Director • Albert Fuller, Founder

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