Monday, June 18, 2007


Sculpture: Forty Years
MoMA June 3 - September 10, 2007

Please go to the MoMA this summer for the Richard Serra sculptures! It is the most kinesthetically joyous art I've ever experienced. I loved sharing the exhibition with small groups of urban kids, laughing and chasing around the curves of Band (2006) as if they owned it. In the garden, I became absorbed in a tiny, beautiful detail of corrosion that looked like a miniature masterpiece of abstract expressionism, one precious square inch on the many tons of Torqued Ellipse IV (1998). After walking through Sequence (2006) on the second floor several times, I could feel its shapes in my body. Upon entering the sixth floor gallery, you immediately are given chance to step directly onto a sculpture, Delineator (1974-75). Look up; you're already in it!

"I consider space to be a material.
The articulation of space has come to take precedence over other concerns. I attempt to use sculptural form to make space distinct."
---Richard Serra

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